Education Industry Case Studies
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Education Industry Case Studies

The only difference between the maintenance of a university and a school district is students live at auniversity and those living conditions must all be included in the maintenance system to promote a safe and secure environment much like the environment parents provided at home.

In both education environments, facilities suffer during budget cutbacks as both environments struggle to keep the cutbacks as far from the students as possible.

In both environments, the 21st century is promoted by new technologies such as VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) systems that call parents about attendance, websites that allow interaction with parents on student success, new testing processes that allow instant GPAs and real-time reporting to each state.

Unfortunately, in both scenarios, Maintenance and Operations is left using paper calculations, calling in material orders, writing names at the top of work orders and later left trying to remember who was assigned the work when it did not get done. Many times, Maintenance and Operations are assigned the labor cuts mainly because they have no way to prove need.

Education Asset Management Implementation

How can Education make data driven decisions without data?


At the University Level:

  • Dashboards were required to measure real time analytics
  • Costs of work must be estimated and compare to actual expense
  • Percentage of labor utilization must be tracked by time and type
  • Need to reduce reactive work and increase preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Real-time work status is needed

With the expertise of EDI:

  • Analytics were attained through KPIs, customized reporting and a customized dashboard was created
  • Estimates can be accomplished with the addition of standard operating procedures (SOPs) or RSMeans
  • Inclusion of labor types and skill levels made this an easy KPI
  • Through additions to business process, PMs are added to routes and new PMs generate on completion
  • Mobile solutions promote real-time status
Maximo Implementation Services Education Asset Management

At the School District Level:

  • Some face time is required because there is poor communication between schools and Maintenance
  • Complaints about customer service and constant status checks, many phone calls
  • Wrench time is limited due to windshield time and finding parts
  • Emergency work seems to be all that is accomplished
  • Parts are hard to find due to age of facilities
  • State and local inspections drive work
  • No accurate prioritization of work
  • Too much duplication of work orders

With the expertise of EDI:

  • Through best in class industry solutions, alternative ways were introduced to increase wrench time
  • Use of Inventory module can show technicians where parts are stored
  • Installation of an EDI solution called SuiteReq:
    • Improved communication so less face time was needed
    • Reduced duplication of work orders by allowing requestor to see that a similar work order has been input
    • Assigned its own priority number based on questions answered by the requestor
    • Reduced hundreds of phone calls
    • Allows requestors to see real time status updates
    • Sends work orders to appropriate craft (or technician) based on questions answered by the requestor

EDI Solutions for Education

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