Maximo Scheduler


Maximo Asset Management Scheduler is a Maximo application that contains a Gantt control, to schedule Work Orders and tasks, graphically

Maximo Asset Management Scheduler allows planners to view any upcoming work graphically, compare the required resources against those available, and adjust accordingly.


Viewing resource load against availability helps to resolve over allocation and underutilization.

This solution improves reliability, longevity and efficient work execution with:

  • Intuitive visual navigation through work orders and tasks

  • Ability to manage task and work dependencies like finish to start, start to start, finish to finish and start to finish including lead and lag

  • Compare resource load against availability to ensure optimal resource usage

  • Auto scheduling of work based on task dependencies and work shifts

  • Configurable Gantt view enables schedule specific data layout

  • Ability to create “what if” scenarios

  • Create your PM forecasts automatically from any existing PM records and view them graphically along with open Maximo work orders

  • Drag and drop forecast dates to accommodate resource availability, highlighting and adjusting for resource shortfalls long before the work is generate

  • Carry out your resource assignments directly from within the work order application, leveraging current and future availability profiles

  • Operating systems supported: Windows
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